Chance to Win Money Via Social Media Ad Campaign

Esurance “Pass it On” $1 million Sweepstakes

With the Super Bowl being the most viewed sports event in American, why not spend millions of dollars to advertise your company on the big stage. Better yet, why not incorporate social media into your commercial and Esurance did just that, which made them the most talked about Super Bowl ad. Is Esurance winning? Absolutely. You are the most talked about company on the biggest stage all because of an innovative and engaging commercial. The USP of the commercial was “Pass it On” which gave viewers who followed Esurance on Twitter and tweeted “#EsuranceSweepstakes” the chance to win $1 million. The ad itself was simple, yet effective as it showed a money football being passed around to different people, while spilling coffee, breaking windows, and running lawnmowers through fences throughout the commercial with brief information about the company. This commercial generated 9000 tweets per minute and 835,000 total tweets during the game, which is absolutely substantial and gets back to my main point of, you don’t have to outspend competitors in social media marketing, you have be more creative. This was an absolutely fantastic advertisement and really shows the power of social media in today’s business world – if you allow the audience to interact the gives them the ability to feel as though they are apart of something, not to mention the fact that it is good word of mouth and (somewhat) free marketing.



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