5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Social Media

Brand Awareness

Social media platforms allow you to easily promote your brands new ideas or products instantly to a large number of viewers. Considering more than two thirds of the country are currently active on sociGet_Hooked_360_Digital_Marketing_Increase_Brand_Awareness20121116_Articleal media there is a large audience. Millennials are beginning to have a larger impact on businesses and when you factor in their extensive use of social media and habit of making things go viral, this is crucial for brand awareness.


Legitimizing a Brand

It’s great that you have spread awareness about your brand, however the now that you have the customers attention you must make them want to stay. Once customers have been made aware of you, their first stop is likely your business website – which is often a fairly standard, static page. You must direct them to your social media pages where new information is being regularly updated and interaction between customers should be visible. “A website establishes that a brand exists, but a social media page establishes that the brand is active,” therefore allowing customers to see that you are active will generate more followers, which often determines how legitimate people view your brand. Also, 63 percent of consumers who search for local businesses online are more likely to use businesses with information on social media sites. On the other hand, failing to be active on social media can make consumers wonder if your business is still existent and failing to reply to comments can make the consumer question your customer service – this leads to delegitimizing your brand.

Increase Sales

Often brand awareness and legitimizing your brand is enough to increase sales, however their is more direct ways to improve your company’s revenue. Buy buttons are becoming more and more common on social media allowing customers an easier option to buy items directly from a company. On platforms like Facebook, using the Fahow-to-increase-sales.jpgcebook store, apps like Ecwid and Beetailer can be very useful. For Twitter, companies directly linked to Amazon can allow customers to add items to their Amazon.com cart directly from their Twitter feed with the click of a button. Other networks like Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, etc. are now implementing buy systems for business directly on their platforms.

Customer Service

When considering the benefits of social media in business, customer service access might be one of the most beneficial tools you can access. Companies can monitor hashtags, keywords, and mentions involving their business or products and directly respond or initiate a private message conversation to resolve an issue. In a world technologically dependent, customers are more likely to take to social mms-shutterstock-pic-164375498-stock-photo-good-service-makes-the-difference.jpgedia to complain about a product or service then they are to phone or e-mail your help line making it crucial to monitor feedback of your company. This all directly relates to establishing your brand and creating consumer loyalty.


Distributing your content and using social media as a marketing tool is key considering consumers spend 50 percent of their time on the ophotodune-2601486-social-media-marketing-in-tag-cloud-s.jpgnline, with an additional 30 percent of time spent on social media. Once you have created awareness and established your brand, you have a target audience and the next step is making sure you promote your products and services over the appropriate platforms with appropriate material for each platform.



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